Communication Strategy

Ideas, innovation and strategic initiatives.

More than 50% of communication professionals work without a plan and only some of them measure their impact.
A communication strategy, whether you are a start up, an association,a health provider or business company, is essential. It can greatly enhance your visibility and help you promote your activities. 
At Digital Communication Lab, I support you in defining your communication strategy:
  • Align communication strategy to your priorities
  • Define strategic audiences
  • Define strategic messages
  • Package your messages
  • Select channels
  • Define frequency
  • Seek feedback and evaluate effectiveness
I work hand in hand with teams involved in the process.    

Our projects

Juanma Cardenas Maestre is a professional triathlete. The aim of this fundrising campaign is to sponsor his participation at KONA 2017 HAWAI where he will be racing in the Ironman World Championships. Digital Communication Lab is a part of his communication team, advising him in his communication fundrising strategy and the creation of his website: