E-learning project management

We love e-learning and you should do too.

The success of any e-learning project often depends on how it’s planned and managed.
Digital Com Lab helps you to:
  • Get the right people on board
  • Set goals and expectations with your team — and follow up on them
  • Find the best solution to meet your project goals
  • Create successful metrics
  • Develop a project plan
  • Avoid common mistakes that can make the project fail
  • Build an implementation plan
We specialize in attractive and convincing pedagogical content.
  • Content definition 
  • Content production process 
  • Project management
  • Communication tools and promotion of the e-learning website
  • Partnership development
Why you should be interested in e-learning:
  • E-Learning is cost effective
  • E-Learning improves performance and productivity
  • E-Learning is convenient and flexible
  • E-Learning provides easy access to information
  • E-Learning improves retention
  • E-Learning personalizes the training experience
Follow up & Develop

Our skills.


The elaboration of a consistent online learning strategy is the starting point. Understanding e-learning is therefore a necessity.


We help you clarify your requests, and both create and execute a project agenda efficiently to achieve your objectives.



Every new project brings with it a unique set of challenges. We present new ideas and solutions.